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Poladi Asset Group engaged us for brand identity and website design.
Brand Logotype and Website Design
Financial Management Firm


SSomma Digital Agency was engaged to lay a robust digital foundation for Poladi Asset Group, a burgeoning startup in the financial management sector. Our collaboration centered on two pivotal elements: crafting a fresh and professional logo to establish their brand identity, and constructing a customer-centric, responsive, and optimized website. These initiatives were designed to position Poladi Asset as a professional financial firm, enhancing their engagement with visitors and boosting lead generation. Our focused efforts included:

  • Unique Brand Identity Creation
  • Logo and Visual Design
  • Custom Website Design ensuring responsiveness & mobile-friendliness

Poladi Asset Website Homepage


As a new entrant in the competitive financial management industry, Poladi Asset Group faced the significant challenge of establishing a recognizable and trusted brand identity from the ground up. The startup needed a compelling visual presence to stand out in a crowded market and a digital platform that could effectively engage a discerning client base. The challenges we addressed were multifaceted:

— Developing a Fresh and Professional Logo: Creating a logo that not only appeals visually but also conveys the professionalism, reliability, and innovative spirit of Poladi Asset.

— Building a Customer-Centric, Optimised Website: Crafting a website that is not only visually appealing and reflective of the brand’s identity but also optimized for performance across all devices, ensuring a seamless user experience that fosters engagement and facilitates lead conversion.

Poladi Asset Group's Main Logo

Poladi Asset Group's Main Logo: A Reflection of Professionalism and Brand Identity

The main logo of Poladi Asset Group prominently features their brand colours, embodying the firm's professionalism and core values. This logo serves as a cornerstone of their visual identity, strategically designed to communicate trust and expertise in the financial management sector.


The focused branding and website design efforts undertaken by Somma Digital Agency for Poladi Asset Group have yielded significant results, directly impacting customer experience, acquisition, and retention:

  • Enhanced Customer Experience: The new logo and website design have significantly improved the overall customer experience. The intuitive, user-friendly interface of the website makes it easy for clients to navigate and access financial services, enhancing client satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Increased Client Acquisition: The professional appearance and optimised functionality of the website have been pivotal in attracting new clients. The clear and compelling presentation of Poladi Asset’s services, coupled with strategic SEO, ensures higher visibility and reach in search engine results, effectively drawing in a targeted audience. The professional branding instills confidence and trust among potential clients, making Poladi Asset a preferred choice for financial management services.
  • Improved Client Retention: The strong brand identity and responsive website support ongoing engagement with existing clients. Regular updates, effective communication tools, and a streamlined user experience on the website encourage clients to continue their relationship with Poladi Asset. The trust built through a consistent and reliable online presence fosters long-term client relationships, critical for retention and organic growth through referrals.

Overall, the strategic branding and digital enhancements implemented by Somma Digital Agency have positioned Poladi Asset Group as a formidable entity in the competitive financial management landscape. These efforts have not only strengthened their market presence but have also created a robust platform for continued growth and client engagement.

"As we aimed to modernise our brand and online presence, it was crucial to partner with an agency that understood the financial sector's nuances and our company’s unique needs. Somma Digital Agency not only met but exceeded our expectations, delivering a sophisticated brand identity and a stellar website that has set us apart in a competitive industry." - CEO, Poladi Asset Group

Our work with Poladi Asset Group showcases Somma’s expertise in navigating the complex needs of branding and website design in the financial sector. By blending strategic vision with innovative design solutions, we ensure that firms like Poladi not only present a modern face to the world but also enhance their client interactions and business operations. Choosing Somma means partnering with a team that brings deep industry insight and a commitment to excellence, helping clients like Poladi Asset Group achieve a standout presence in the marketplace.