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The Agency South East Sydney (SES) is a leading real estate firm with a focus on providing exceptional property services across South East Sydney. Recognising the need to enhance their digital footprint and brand identity, The Agency SES engaged with Somma to undergo a comprehensive digital transformation. Our collaboration involved a suite of services tailored to elevate The Agency SES's market presence and customer experience:

  • Custom Website Design ensuring responsiveness & mobile-friendliness
  • Ongoing SEO Management to improve online visibility and search rankings
  • Online Reputation Management to cultivate and maintain a positive brand image
  • Creative Website Content development to engage and inform visitors
  • Innovative Web Design to provide a user-friendly experience
  • Branding and Logo Design to refresh and establish a strong brand identity

The Agency South East Sydney website showcasing their properties portfolio & expertise.


The Agency South East Sydney faced the challenge of standing out in the highly competitive real estate market of South East Sydney. The primary goal was to revamp their digital presence to better reflect their market-leading position and to attract and retain clients through a combination of enhanced online visibility, engaging content, and a strong brand identity.

Digital Presence Enhancement

— Brand Identity

— Market Engagement and Visibility

— SEO and Online Visibility


Somma's comprehensive strategy and execution delivered remarkable results for The Agency South East Sydney, reinforcing their position as a premier real estate service provider in the region.

  • Unified Brand Identity: Successfully revitalised SES's brand identity, including a modern, impactful logo and branding strategy that resonates with their target market.
  • Responsive Website Design: Developed and launched a custom, mobile-friendly website that significantly improved user experience and accessibility, leading to increased online engagement.
  • SEO and Online Visibility: Through ongoing SEO management, we significantly improved SES's search engine rankings, resulting in greater online visibility and increased website traffic of 20% increase in 4 months.
  • Online Reputation Management: Implemented strategies that enhanced SES's online reputation, ensuring a positive brand image that attracts and retains clients.
  • Engaging Website Content and Web Design: Created compelling website content and design that effectively communicates SES's services and value proposition, further engaging potential clients and partners.
"As we aimed to elevate our digital presence and brand identity within the competitive real estate market of South East Sydney, we needed a partner who could deliver a comprehensive and nuanced approach. Somma's expertise in digital marketing, branding, and web design has been invaluable. Their ability to understand our goals and execute a strategy that not only met but exceeded our expectations has been pivotal to our success. The new website, enhanced SEO, and stronger brand identity have set us apart in the market and contributed significantly to our growth." - CEO, The Agency South East Sydney

Somma's partnership with The Agency South East Sydney exemplifies our capability to drive digital transformation and market leadership for our clients. By integrating strategic branding, innovative web design, and targeted digital marketing efforts, we ensure that firms like SES not only stand out but also achieve sustainable growth and a competitive edge. Partnering with Somma means choosing a team dedicated to delivering innovative solutions, market insights, and tangible results. Our work with SES stands as a testament to our commitment to turning challenges into opportunities for market leadership and growth.