aera group

Aera hired us for web development and digital marketing
Digital Marketing and Web Design
Digital Marketing


Aera Group was a combination of acquired new and pre existing technology companies which we consolidated and rebranded into a single entity " Aera " . To achieve this we delivered for Aera:

  • Custom Website Design ensuring responsiveness & mobile-Friendly
  • Unique Brand Identity Creation
  • Logo and Visual Design
  • Corporate Branding Strategy
  • Comprehensive market, audience & service research
  • Email Marketing
  • Performance Analytics Monthly
  • Paid Advertisement
  • Lead Generation
  • B2B Content Creation


The Aera Group presented a complex challenge of consolidating several acquired new and pre-existing technology companies into a single, cohesive brand identity. This task required a multifaceted approach, blending innovation with strategic insight to ensure the new entity, Aera, stood out in a competitive market.

—  Consolidation and Rebranding

— Brand Identity Creation

— Digital Presence

— Market Penetration

Personalised Company History Concept; Brand Guidelines; Capability Statement Brochure.


Somma's strategic approach and execution delivered transformative results for Aera Group. By leveraging our expertise in digital marketing and branding, we established Aera as a formidable entity in the technology sector, marked by a distinctive brand identity and a strong online presence.

  • Unified Brand Identity: Successfully merged multiple brands into a single, powerful brand identity, complete with a custom logo and visual design that captures Aera's essence.
  • Responsive Website Design: Launched a custom, mobile-friendly website enhancing user experience and accessibility, significantly boosting online engagement.
  • Enhanced Market Presence: Conducted thorough market, audience, and service research to inform a targeted corporate branding strategy, elevating Aera's visibility in the technology sector.
  • Growth in Lead Generation: Implemented a combination of email marketing, paid advertisements, and B2B content creation, resulting in a significant increase in qualified leads and business opportunities.

As we embarked on the ambitious journey of consolidating our acquisitions into Aera, we knew we needed a partner who could not only understand our vision but also translate it into a compelling brand identity and digital presence. Somma exceeded our expectations at every turn, delivering not just a brand but a beacon that guides our way forward in the tech industry. Their strategic insight, creative prowess, and dedication have been instrumental in our success." -  CEO, Aera Group

Somma's collaboration with Aera Group showcases our adeptness at navigating the complexities of branding and digital marketing in the fast-evolving technology sector. Our holistic approach, combining strategic branding, custom web design, and targeted marketing strategies, ensures that brands like Aera not only emerge but also thrive in competitive landscapes. Choosing Somma means partnering with a team that brings innovative solutions, a deep understanding of market dynamics, and a commitment to achieving measurable results. Our success with Aera Group is a testament to our ability to transform challenges into opportunities for growth and market leadership.